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For mentors that want to empower the next generation.

Sometimes, as a retired athlete and former top performer, you may find yourself thinking: What if I had…? I wish I knew that when I was younger…

As a Sunset Mentor, you have the incredible opportunity to share your wealth of experience and expertise with the next generation of athletes. By becoming a neutral and independent sounding board, you serve as a trusted confidant, guiding these young athletes on their transformative journey.


The Sunset Mentor: Sharing Wisdom and Leaving a Lasting Legacy
As a retired professional athlete, you possess a treasure trove of knowledge and experiences that deserve to be shared. Transitioning from a sports career can be a daunting task, as athletes seek to redefine their identities and make a lasting impact beyond the field.


Empowering the Athlete: Mentoring at the Start of Their Promising Journey
Experience the profound impact of mentorship. Our program carefully pairs mentors with talented and ambitious athletes as they set out on their professional paths. As a mentor, you play a pivotal role in providing a vital support system, offering guidance, motivation, and a listening ear. Drawing from your own personal experiences and insights, you empower these athletes to overcome challenges, navigate their unique journeys, and reach the pinnacle of success.

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The Mentor – How and What

1. You get a platform to share your valuable experience with the promising and current generation of top athletes.

2. You guide and mentor the athlete for 6 months through 6 contact moments, both online and offline.

3. You Benefit from 3 additional “Coach the Coach” workshops, providing support throughout the athlete’s mentorship.

4. You get to share your inspiring story alongside the athlete during a business evening organized by the sponsoring company.

5. You become part of a community of like minded people and get to share and learn valuable lessons during get togethers.

Your investment

1. You engage in a 6-month commitment, dedicating a minimum of 6 contact moments, approximately 1 hour each, with the athlete.

2. You participate in an evening where you can share experiences at a business event hosted by the sponsoring company.

3. You actively join themed workshops for 3 half-days, enhancing your skills and knowledge.

As a mentor, you ‘ll be compensated for the time and effort you put into teaching these promising athletes. 

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